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Movie Review: Abominable

Dreamworks' newest film, Abominable, is a snowy slice of fun the whole family will enjoy.

After discovering a Yeti on the roof of her apartment building, teenage Yi (Chloe Bennett) and her two friends embark on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family. But to do so, they must stay one step ahead of a wealthy financier and a determined zoologist who want to capture the beast for their own gain.

Writer-Director Jill Culton does an excellent job of infusing the film with a heart as big as Mt. Everest, with jokes that funny enough to not be annoying and uses gorgeous colors and textures to create some breathless scenes. Nothing in the movie changes animation, but you will still leave with a smile on your face.

Adults might see some similarities to films like E.T. and The Neverending Story with a little bit of King Kong mixed in, but Culton isn’t trying to copy those films. She is just using them as references to remind grown-ups of that childhood wonder they may have forgotten about. Even though her script does stick to the formula of most animated films, there is enough heart and charm that keeps the story engaging for all ages.

The use of color is what gives the film its true beauty, from the magical blues that engulf Yi and Everest to the bright yellow and greens of a field, turned into a tidal wave, to the pinks and purples in the more emotional scenes. The animation truly captures the journey that every character is going through.

All of that, mixed with the music by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams creates an experience, even a predictable one, for the whole family to love. Abominable may not be the next How To Train Your Dragon, but still delivers another exciting adventure.

Critic Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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