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Marvel's Inhumans Review

Inhumans is the latest addition to Marvel’s ever-growing cinematic universe, and this new TV series lives up to Marvel standards. The show doesn’t air until this fall on ABC, but fans can currently see the first chapter in the saga in IMAX theaters now.

The story centers around a group of people living on the moon. This aren’t ordinary people; they are superpowered and have created a society that has stayed secret for years. You have the royal family led by Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and Medusa (Serinda Swan) ruling the hidden city of Attilan when something happens that forces them to run to Earth. It almost sounds like the MCU’s version of Game of Thrones, but it delivers that type with its superhero monarchy. The costumes and makeup are pretty good, though they could have done a better job with Medusa’s wig. The dialogue was ok, not as sharp as most of the MCU, but this is only the beginning so I’m sure it will get better once the series airs.

The show has been getting some buzz, especially when Inhumas attended this year’s Comic Con. Marvel and ABC are going big by cutting the first two episodes together as a feature film; those episodes will air on TV as part of a two-hour series premiere. There could very well be some minor changes between this theatrical release and the TV version, but they should hopefully be minimal.

Launching Inhumans as an IMAX movie is a good way to get fans excited for the series. Although the story didn’t have the scope, scale, or polish that such a bold format requires, it still managed to make the viewing experience enjoyable.

Ken Leung’s Karnack gives the show its laughs by saying what’s always on his mind, but his powers are a bit confusing, so hopefully they get more detailed in the series. Iwan Rheon's character Maximus is like Loki: the jealous, scheming brother of King Black Bolt, but his character's motives are pretty obvious the moment he was introduced. Rheon does deliver a fantastically insidious performance, and I can’t wait to see more. Serinda Swan might be recognized for her role on the current season of the HBO, Dwayne Johnson show Ballers, and she's great as Queen Medusa.

All in all, Inhumans is a great addition to the MCU. Be sure to watch the series when it premieres on September 29th on ABC.

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