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The Darkness Movie Review

Nothing says Happy Friday the 13th like a new horror film from the people who brought us Insidious and The Visit with their new film “The Darkness” now in theaters.
A family return from a camping trip at the Grand Canyon, only to realize they brought home with them a malevolent supernatural force that feeds on fear -- and that has possessed their youngest son. This tale of terror was directed by Wolf Creek's Greg McLean. Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, David Mazouz, Ming-Na Wen and Jennifer Morrison star in a Blumhouse Productions film.
David Mazouz (Gotham) was great in his role. Mazouz was very believable as a kid who has autism and ends up coming into contact with an ancient race of demonic spirits, which strikes fear in the heart of his family. Kevin Bacon (The Following) was perfect in his role as Mazouz’s dad, who has a hard time believing the things that keep happening with his son and also trying to keep his marriage and job together. Mazouz is just phenomenal in every role that he is given and his chemistry with Bacon on screen as father and son is amazing to watch.
The rest of the cast was excellent as well.
Radha Mitchell was amazing in her role as Mazouz’s mother. She gives a terrific performance as she deals more with the supernatural force that has attached itself to her son throughout the film. He chemistry with Kevin Bacon was perfect as they resembled a couple who has dealt with one being a recovering alcoholic and the other having an affair and yet they keep making it work and getting closer as this threat plagues their home.
It was a very fantastic surprise to see Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time) and Ming-Na Wen (Marvel’s Agents of Shield) make cameos in the film. The mythology of these ancient supernatural forces that feed of fear was truly original and worked well with the movie. The special effects that went into creating the scares throughout the movie were incredible. Most horror movies tend to be the same, but “The Darkness” is both original and entertaining.
You can watch David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne on Gotham, airing Mondays on Fox, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time Sundays on ABC, and Ming-Na Wen as Agent May on Marvel’s Agents of Shield Tuesdays on ABC.


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